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Modelling – As Told By Steph Claire Smith – Part 1



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I am constantly being asked about the industry and how people can go about getting into it. So I wanted to write about it, and try and answer you all in this blog post.

First off, you need to think about why is it that you want to be a model. Ask yourself what it is exactly you want out of it. If you’re like me, and it’s just been a dream of yours since you were a kid, and have always loved being in front of a camera then that’s fine. But if you want it for the attention, or the money, or the lifestyle, or fame or whatever, then i want to share some of the negative sides to our industry with you.

Now I don’t want this to come across as a negative post, because I do love my job, and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else at this point in my life. But it’s not as glamorous as it seems from the outside. It definitely can be at times!

We get to go to some incredibly beautiful parts of the world, and I am so grateful for that, but that does mean you’re leaving your friends, family and partners and traveling on a plane and in airports and hotel rooms by yourself.I’ve gone on trips where I’ve caught 3-4 different planes and traveled over 30 hrs by myself (and no… Not always in business, in fact 90% of the time I’ve been in economy) and had to wake up and shoot the next day.

Now you might be thinking “yeah but modellings easy, you basically just stand there” and I can tell you now there’s a lot more to it than that. No matter how tired or grumpy you are, you have to be happy, bubbly and full of energy, otherwise you won’t get booked again. Also try getting changed over 100 times in the day and wearing heels all day and come back to me. Another tough part is when you’re shooting swim in the middle of winter, freezing your butt off, but sucking it up and getting the job done, and vice versa in summer shooting winter stuff.

Also if you’re super insecure – my advice is to stay out of the industry. As a model you’re put on a pedestal (not only by people within the industry) but by society that you have to be somewhat ‘perfect’ looking. If you can accept that nobody is perfect but you’re happy in your own skin and confident enough to be declined from a job and not take it personally, then jump on board.

We get rejected a lot more than confirmed – so if you think you couldn’t handle that, then I wouldn’t model. It is an extremely competitive industry, and you’ve just got to remember that everyone is unique, and the person who gets a gig over you isn’t necessarily better or prettier than you, they just suited the job more.

The money side of things is great. In saying that though, I wouldn’t JUST model. Have something on the side like university or a part time job, because you won’t always be busy. Some girls work once a month, some once a week, very few work 5 days a week, and it’s always changing. Some months are quieter than others, so it’s good to keep yourself busy with something else.

If you still want to be a model, then take these steps.

1 – get some simple digitals of yourself. This means find a plain wall, wear minimal makeup and wear a simple tee or singlet with skinny jeans, and get a family member or friend to take some pictures of you. Get some front on, side on and get a few head shots too. You don’t need to have professional photos, so don’t waste your money. Most agencies want to see you at your natural state if you’re a fresh face, and if they sign you they will organise shoots for you once you’re on board.

2 – get the measuring tape out and get your height, waist and hip measurements. The old rule use to be that you would have to be over 5’9 to be signed, but I know plenty of models who are 5’7 and are signed so don’t be too concerned with that.

3: on all agencies website you will find a contact email, send in your digitals and measurements and just a little about yourself. You will hear back from the agency if they’re interested. Also some agencies do ‘walk ins’ so you can always try that as well.

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The Models Turned Actors



By Brandis Ohlsson

Just as inevitable as a models dating rock stars, models will eventually tire of the catwalks and branch out into other careers. A career path often attempted but rarely succeeded at? The infamous model turned actress. Cindy Crawford, Kate Upton, and Tyra Banks are all examples of very famous models who when made the jump to the big screen, turned out to be better mannequins than thespians. Milla Jovovich, Rebecca Romijn, and Brooke Shields, however, turned out to be not so bad at the whole acting gig and have managed to cultivate accomplished acting careers.

2015 brings us director George Miller’s Mad Max: Furry Road, a bit of a movie remake, and with it, another slew of models hoping to join the ranks of their model peers Jovovich, Romijn, and Shields and be taken seriously as actresses.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who sits on models.com Money Girls list and holds a cover for basically any and every fashion magazine known to fashionistas makes her major big screen acting debut as the leader of the sister wives in the Mad Max remake, going by the name The Splendid Angharad.

Courtney Eaton is a 19-year-old model from Bunberry Australia, which sits very near and on the same coast as Perth, aka land of the most beautiful people on the entire planet. On the Mad Max screen, she goes by Cheedo the Fragile. When not working on becoming a major screen siren, Courtney is signed by model agency powerhouse Vivien’s Model Management.

Abbey Lee Kershaw, high fashion’s cool girl, joins Huntington-Whitely on models.com’s Money Girls list, but also sits upon the Industry Icon’s list. Obviously well known as a model, when interviewed by Marie Claire about her acting turn, Kershaw explained, “No one knows who the fuck I am.” If Mad Max does as good as well as it’s expected to, that may soon change.

Abbey Lee out acted over a thousand girls to earn herself a role in the George Miller flick. Aside from fellow models Whitely and Eaton, Kershaw shares the screen with Zoë Kravitz and Riley Keough, who both have had some fashion moments themselves. Zoë, the daughter of music legend Lenny Kravitz, moonlights as a model for Women Management and has fronted a T by Alexander Wang campaign, and Keogh, the granddaughter of the King himself -Elvis Presley – is on the board at DNA and has been cast in campaigns for Lee Jeans and Mango.

You can’t talk about Mad Max: Fury Road without mentioning the movie’s leading actors, Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, who, by the way, both got their start as, you guessed it … models.

Of acting, Abbey Lee has said “This is a true passion, so I’m not going to take it lightly,” and “I want to be challenged, and with that comes being selective about the things I go for.” With drive like that, these ladies are sure to be able to jump the shark to become Hollywood forces to be reckoned with.

Model Millionaires: Audrey Marnay



By Calynn M. Lawrence

Natural beauty is something that has been heralded for years now. However, when it comes to the cut throat fashion industry, many of people assume that if you were not born with perfect genes or surgically enhanced that you are not worthy of holding such a pricey title as a “fashion model.”

The idea of a fashion model being primped and prodded for hours on end to attain a flawless finish for a photoshoot or a show is something that certainly holds true. But, when it comes to model Audrey Marnay, she consciously abides by her pattern of embracing natural beauty. She may not be the first fashion model to do this, yet she has a strong portfolio of minimal makeup shoots that help promote and pioneer the natural beauty phenomenon that is slowly but surely entering the modeling world.

How has Audrey Marnay done such things? Well, having been born in France she was exposed to many of the world’s most famous fashion moguls from a very young age. She began modeling at the age of 15 and has since built a name for herself as a natural fashion model. Over the course of 2 decades, she has grossed an estimated net worth of over a million dollars. This has been done by her continuos partnerships with big name brands such as Versace and Calvin Klein. Also, she has made repeated appearances in top magazines such as Vogue and Elle, gracing the covers of many. Some of her previously partnered photographers are Steven Meisel, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts and Paolo Roversi.

Now, in her mid thirties, she has ventured into other avenues outside of fashion. Her most dedicated would be motherhood to her two lovely sons. In addition, she has written plays and films as well as starred in multiple movie roles. Most importantly, she has accomplished the mission of inspiring many young women who are aspiring to be in fashion that you do not need endless enhancements to be beautiful. Nor do you need to have a 5’10 figure, perfectly clear skin or deep ocean blue eyes to be considered gorgeous. Young women around the globe are grateful to women such as she who work to combat today’s straining beauty standards.

Alaska To Australia, Part 5: Roommates



By Jasmine Alleva

Living with people is hard. Usually, there is some sort of screening process with roommate situations. In college, you fill out a questionnaire to determine compatibility with potential roommates. In your own living situations, you may conduct or participate in an interview to see if you and a potential roommate are going to get along well.

These screenings do not exist in two places: when you live with your family and when you are a model.

However, your family loves you and to some extent, you love them back. There are agreed upon territorial rules and if you bicker, you are more than likely to resolve a problem in a normal matter.
Model housing, if its even available, is a crapshoot. You are literally thrown into apartments by your agency simply because you need a place to lay your head at night. You never know who you are going to be rooming with or what conditions you will be living in.
If you talk to any model, you will hear the horror stories: disgusting living conditions, horrendous roommates, exorbitant rent, things being stolen, shared bathrooms, etc., etc. I remember dragging my feet about a housing situation because I had the horror stories driven into my head by other models. I bought locks for my suitcases because I was so worried about my things being stolen or randomly “going missing”. Of course, I had to suck it up and deal with it.

Via e-mail, I received four grainy pictures that looked like they had been taken on a Kodak Brownie camera from the 1960s. This would be my new apartment and I would be living with two other girls. One, Amber, a veterinary technician from England, and the other, Danika, a 17-year-old model from New Zealand. The nerves overcame my stomach from the moment I read their names until the moment I saw their faces.

The apartment turned out to be nothing spectacular, but nothing unlivable. I had to light the gas oven with some tactic, the shower would greet me with water so cold it would make my nipples harder than glass, and cockroaches were nightly guests, but everything else was usually fine. (When you are foreign and need a place to sleep, it is amazing how low your standards will stoop).

The rent was absolutely outrageous, which is normal in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, but the apartment was a thirty-minute walk from arguably the best beach in the world (Bondi) and the Paris of grocery stores, Woolworths, was less than a mile away. Though it was a decent place to live, as soon as I saw my first Huntsman spider (look it up), I tried to spend as little time in the apartment as possible because… hell no.

Amber and Danika were two of the most selfless people I have encountered in my life. You cannot even begin to imagine the relief I felt when I realized I had nothing to worry about in the first place. Danika, though only 17, was and is wise beyond her years and showed me the ropes of Sydney like she had been living there her entire life. Amber was spontaneous and never turned down my requests for an adventure. Our three foreign accents rang through the cold halls of our small apartment in harmony. As foreigners and young women, it was downright amazing to see what we were accomplishing in the same place, coming from vastly different parts of the world. The suitcase locks were never used.

As I move on to different markets and different places, I want to punch myself in the face for ever complaining about my apartment in Sydney. I would take the musty smell, the power adapters rarely working, and the washer and dryer outside over the hustle and bustle of any American urban city any day. As the old saying goes, you really don’t know what you have until its gone and I realize now how lucky I truly had it. I will forever cherish the memories I made in my first model apartment, but it can keep the Huntsman.

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My New York Journal- Part 2



Ok I have taken the photo. My face is now also five shades pinker. I didn’t turn my phone on silent & the sound of the flash certainly turned a few heads. #WHOOPS The girl in front of me turned around.

“Let me guess…snapping a pic for Instagram?!!”. I smiled and nodded.

She asked me what agency I am with. When I tell her my NY agency, she sighed. She said she was jealous! I was not expecting that response given that I could see her comp card & her agency is no joke! And side note: she is ABSOLUTELY drop dead gorgeous.

When I look at her more closely, she looks as if Caroline Trentini and Liu Wen had a child. Her! She was the most amazing Eurasian girl with a face full of freckles. She went on to tell me that my NY agency had rejected her on a number of occasions because she looked too similar to models already on their board. I was shocked! I threw her a compliment by telling her the two models I thought looked like. She laughed and asked me if I was yet to check out the other models signed with my agency. No? … Was I meant to? She pulled out her iPad. F***. Caroline Trentini and Liu Wen were both signed with my agency.

She was laughing so I joined in. Little did she know that my laughter was really just “time out” while I thought about what to say next! I noticed the S symbol on her iPad. Great! I now have an in!

“I see you’re using Snaptch!” She nodded & opened up her app for me to see. Eek instant terror hit me as I saw her figures. Not her bust, waist & hip measurements… but her followers on Instagram. She had almost 200k and another 18k on Twitter. She’d removed Facebook though? Weird. I asked her why.

When she told me that she didn’t want to hook up her personal page I realised something that she may not know. Relief! I now have something of actual value to contribute to this conversation instead of continuing to gawk at her portfolios amazing front image…The cover of Vogue Spain. She was scrolling down her folio as she spoke and all I could see was image after image of amazing editorial work. It seems she has put way more thought into her portfolio app that I had. In my defence, I didn’t get my latest shots until the day before I left for NYC. I had to quickly import everything at once from Drop Box on the way to the airport. In their defence, I totally forgot. I was too busy Googling the location of Carrie Bradshaws apartment stoop.

If I am to have any chance of booking this show, before I get to the front of this line I need to sign into Snaptch & do a quick little switch-a-roo of the order of my folio shots. I think my ELLE spread should come before my campaign for LG Dishwashers. NYC seems like the place where fashion would always come before the latest range of stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Anyway I told her to update to the most recent version of Snaptch. She was delighted! She was now able to link her Facebook Page i.e. her fan page to her Snaptch portfolio instead of her personal account.

Oh dear god. It appears that I have shot myself in the foot. As she connected her Facebook account & refreshed her app, I saw her number. 14K followers. Good one dickhead. Mental Note: Stop speaking. Or at the very least, stop giving the competition tips on how to book this job over me.

In all seriousness though, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself…Thanks to my cupcake inspired blog, I’m almost up to 35k on all three platforms. Not bad!

A few more seconds of awkward laughter & meaningless chatter went on as I was thinking what I could say next to this glamorous NY model with a billion followers & not one blemish insight.

She spoke first. Thank god. “Thank god for Snaptch! My book hasn’t really been getting a lot of attention lately as I’ve been tied up studying. The only thing that’s getting my attention is my Instagram page! It’s been growing so quickly! Thank god as it’s currently my only income stream! Do you get into social media much?”

I replied and told her all about The Cupcake Diaries. She seemed enthused by the idea and asked more questions! I think my first mission to “Find a New York Friend” had been achieved! Snaptch is proving to be a good little conversation starter too. I am never leaving home without my iPad in New York! I wonder if I could take it out on dates? I am learning towards No.. My second mission to “Find a New York Boyfriend” is beginning to fade away into the distance.

I look up & we’ve moved! I can finally see the casting agents ahead. I quickly sign into Snaptch and reorder my folio shots. It’s looking much better now. Starting off with the ELLE spread was a good move. Go me.


Keep watching this space for the Final Edition of My New York Journal.

And If you happened to miss Part 1 – I suggest you go on and read it.