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How To Get A Clearer, Brighter Face


,By Simi A Mira

1. Start a routine

For healthy skin, consistency is key. Get a good routine for morning and night and you can get healthy skin in minutes. Your routine should include a cleanser, but don’t scrub too hard you want to keep your skin! Next use a toner to help manage combo or oily skin and keep those pesky pores clean and clear. Then keep skin soft and smooth by using a moisturizer and stop flaking, drying and wrinkling. At night always make sure to remove make-up and prevent clogged pores and help stop zits. Repeat the gentle cleanser and moisturizer and catch some zzz’s.

2. Treat that acne.

Pimples, zits, blackheads, whatever you’ve got and whatever you call ‘em, nobody wants them. Treatments for acne can be natural or from the medicine cabinet. Gels with salicylic acid leads the skin to lose layers more quickly with exfoliation. Toners and lotions can help clear pores, keep skin clean and prevent the formation of acne. Some types of acne are more difficult to treat. So go visit a dermatologist and get your skin on track!! Get that smooth, even skin you dream off!   Do not, Do NOT, DO NOT pick and pop your pimples, the zits will be there for a couple days the scars that could show up after picking will be there forever. If you have to do something right now, find a good spot treatment and let the medicine do its work.

3. What you eat and drink matters.

Tips To Look & Feel Great In Your Active Wear


,By Simi A Mira

If you take a glance around the gym mid-workout, you’ll no doubt see two types of gym-goers (and probably be able to identify as one of these yourself) – the make-up wearing, perfectly styled gym buff or the up-and-at- ‘em gym bunny who likes to get in, work up a sweat and leave. Whatever attitude you choose for your workouts; we’ll help you choose the best workout gear for you. As well as stylish, it’s important that the active wear you dress in is comfortable and suited the workout you are doing. We’ll also offer you some workout gear “no-no’s” for you to avoid, ensuring no faux pas are carried out whilst you get your fitness on.

Tip #1

When picking the right active wear, it’s imperative that you pick the right size. It’s an important fact to remember that just because you are a certain size in your clothes, doesn’t mean that you will be that size in your gym gear. This is a key factor in what will be the most comfortable gear to move in, as well as keeping you looking good – there’s nothing worse that ill-fitting gym outfits.

Tip #2

Bearing this in mind, it’s wise to remember that not all active wear is meant for universal workouts – there are different styles and fabrics to suit various workouts. For example, if you do a lot of running (or running is your main workout), it’s sensible to pick shorts that offer a good freedom of movement as well as ensuring you don’t get too hot too quickly. In contrast, if you are doing something like Pilates or various forms of yoga, body contour fitting items are seen as the ideal wear. This ensures that you can see the shape of your body, and therefore adjust accordingly if needed.

Healthy Snacks with Beauty Benefits


,Ever wonder about the meaning behind “You are what you eat”? In a nutshell, it means eat good to feel good. Healthy snacking can play a big role in how you look and feel. As fall approaches, there are plenty of whole, natural foods to work into your diet and retain your summer glow!

Below are six “beauty bites” to help you look and feel great!

Chia seeds
This powerhouse superfood is full of protein and zinc which can help prevent and heal acne. Not to mention you can add these seeds to basically anything for an extra energy boost throughout the day! As an added bonus, they’re also shown to pack powerful hydration benefits.

Goji Berries
These berries are bursting with beta carotene, giving your skin the natural glow you’ve always wanted!

Cacao Nibs
This tasty treat does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth! Cacao nibs are packed with antioxidants that help nourish your skin. Chocolate lovers, rejoice!

Breaking Barriers with Neelam Gill


,By: Naima Karp

At only 19, Neelam Gill is now a well known face of the prestigious Burberry brand, most notoriously in Mario Testino’s campaign for the brand. She hopes to complete her studies in psych one day, and has an affinity for Drake.

She realizes her role and didn’t even think about her impact in the modeling world, but after scrolling through photos on Style.com, realized that she was the only Indian model. She’s glad to be working with a company that embraces diversity, especially coming from a company that understands that being Caucasian, and being from England, don’t have to be synonymous with each other.

Chanel Iman has spoken out about her experiences of racial discrimination, and talks about the politics involved in the modeling word, in terms of diversity. She had been told, more than once, “we’ve already found one black girl. We don’t need you anymore.” Out of 148 fall/winter 2014 runways shows, there were only 10 percent black models, and 0.45percent ‘other’, which would include Indian models.

Outside of the runway, advertisers are notorious, as Steven Meisel once put it, for being convinced that black models don’t sell, contrary to the success of heavyweights Iman and Naomi Campbell. Ricardo Tics explains it succinctly: “Of those who cast only white models, he said: “I think that is called laziness. People sometimes think, ‘It’s easier, we’re used to it.’ ”








The Secret to Good Skin (Which is no longer a secret!)


,By Eleanor Pendleton

I’m lucky to have good skin. I know that. But, I also work at it. Like, reaaaally work it. I clean it, nurture it, feed and water it daily. About eight years ago though, that wasn’t the case. Blame it on stress but my skin was a far departure from what it is now.

My skin used to be covered in blemishes. Big, sore and angry blemishes. My skin also used to be covered in tiny bumps, which while they weren’t visible to others, they felt gigantic to me. Since then, I’ve worked methodically to get rid of the scars albeit laser, because, well, I’m a scaredy cat.

At the time, my mum (a fair skin-worshiping Filipino who considers brightening products the Holy Grail) told me about SK-II and how popular it was in Asia. While telling me to drink more water and keep my vitamins up (bless!), mum passed on a half-filled bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence– knowing full well this meant she could run out and buy herself a new one – and so I started using it.

I didn’t really know what to expect. Yes, it looked like water, felt like water but unlike water, my skin absorbed it completely. Mum told me to apply 3 – 4 drops in the palm of my hand, press my palms together then pat it on my face and neck – this she told me to do after cleansing but before moisturising. You could also soak a cotton pad and apply the essence that way but I like my hands to reap the skin-nourishing benefits as well.

But, before you catch me out and call this luxury liquid a toner, just wait a second.

Find Out What Your Cravings Mean


,By Jessica Sepel – @jshealth

Craving meat?

Your iron levels may be low and so you need to listen to this craving and eat meat 2-3x/week. If you are vegan, check your iron levels and see if you need a supplement or to incorporate more iron-rich foods in your diet.

Craving carbs?

Perhaps you are low on energy. My suggestion is to swap to wholegrain gluten free sources of carbs e.g.: brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato. And to ensure you eat protein with each meal to keep your blood sugar levels balanced while your body digests these carbs. Examples of protein sources include: meat, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, legumes, beans, tempeh.

Your gut may also not be in great shape, which can make you crave carbs. A gut cleanse can sometimes assist with this.

From Alaska To Australia, Part 3: Home Sickness


,By Jasmine Alleva

There is no cure for homesickness, no John Mayer song to wash away the thoughts longing for a familiar feeling. Technology has shrunk the world, but sometimes it only makes the homesickness worse, especially when you can see your friends and family carrying on their lives without you. The only thing you can do when all you want to do is whither away in bed is suck it up and take on the day. I knew this. I had done it many times before: Vacation Bible Camp, sleepovers, moving away for college. Sydney was no different, but some days felt like the city turned into Ronda Rousey and was beating the life out of me.

The fall/winter season for modeling started to dwindle down. Days went by without castings. Those days turned into weeks. No castings meant no jobs, which, in turn, meant no money. I was living off cans of tuna in an apartment I sold my car to afford living in. My shelf in the cupboard was about as bare as my bank account and my face was the exact opposite – covered in blemishes brought on by stress. I would have called my mom and cried on the phone to her, but I couldn’t even afford international cell service. I wanted to go home and I took all of the setbacks as a sign that I should.

The weather had followed suit with yet another winter storm, keeping me inside and driving me stir crazy. My pale gray sweatpants were becoming part of my everyday wardrobe, replacing the black Hudson jeans and leather jacket I had worn as my model uniform. I was quickly sucked into a routine of self-pity, looking up the hashtag “#Alaska”, and sinking into the couch while watching garbage television. Summer was in full roar back home in the northern hemisphere and I was reminded of that everyday by the fact that my days, on the opposite side of the world, were dark and freaking cold.

No one tells you how lonely and heartbreaking modeling is. We often see a finished product and fail to see what goes on behind it. I can post whatever I want to Instagram and Twitter and make an audience perceive me in a certain way, but that doesn’t diminish the struggle. I honestly wish it did. I was far from home, in a foreign country, and felt like I had sunk my feet into cement. I was going nowhere. I gave up birthday parties, nights out with friends, my dogs, and my family in pursuit of this dream and it felt like the biggest mistake I had ever made. Sydney had turned dark on me and I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Roll Call



Original Posting: Stylight.com.au 

Models, Promoters & “That Life” – Part 1


,Ellen Hancock – A Not So Model Life
Instagram: @gypsy_revival

Looking at the Instagram accounts of models can create a flume of confused thoughts. Trips all over the world, fancy clothes, perfect bodies, photoshoots. Yet… sometimes there seems to be very little in the realm of actual jobs. Or somehow a gals career can go from nothing… to parties… to success. It all seems a little fantastical, a little strange. Girls are getting flown all over the world for parties or vacations. Their lives seem oh so lucky, as if they are the chosen few. Plucked from nothingness into lives that are fancy free, fascinating, and seemingly over-pouring with luxury. People follow these models on IG and they become a certain kind of celebrity.

Yet what I’m about to tell you is that a lot of what you’re seeing on these girls’ accounts can have very little to do with hard work, or even luck in their careers. You’d be surprised about how much of their “success” comes from things not at all work related. Often career success will come, but it is later – spring-boarded from a time in their life when other things were going on behind the scenes that got them to where they are today. Their internet celebrity being first, the thing to bring them attention and the numbers of followers that build commercial success later on. The truth can be awfully shocking.

I guess the best way to verify these somewhat wild conclusions of mine is to tell you a little of my own story. When I first moved to Los Angeles several years ago a vaguely close model friend of mine invited me on one of these Vegas trips she had recently started going on. A free flight to Vegas, free hotel suite at a swanky casino on the strip, free model dinners, drinks, and VIP access to clubs. Absolutely everything was pre-arranged by a club promoter she had somehow met. She told me I might even make a little money – that some of the girls would sometimes accompany clients to poker tables towards the end of the night, and occasionally would get handouts or have bets placed on their behalf. Wow. Of course I wanted to go! In all of her pictures the trips looked amazing, and she assured me it was all legit, safe, and fun. She sent pictures of me to the club promoter who was putting the trip together and I got approved. We were off!

The trip was everything she promised it would be. We had an awesome time, with only a few minor downers. Everything was definitely pre-arranged and luxe, yet we were also expected to keep up the party. Wearing huge heels all night can only be pain-free for so long. On a couple occasions while trying to take a break and sit down one of the club promoters would come over to us and sternly tell us to get up. My friend told me that was normal and to just to try to keep it up. We were also told to always have a drink in our hands. I was so excited to be there, we let it slide and had fun. The dinners were delicious, the hotel was cushy, and the novelty of being in VIP was legitimately exciting.

I wound up going on several Vegas trips, a club night in LA, and even a random party on Alcatraz island. They were all set up roughly the same, with everything provided. Though the more and more trips I went on, the more and more the novelty would wear off. Things I hadn’t noticed before started to creep into my eyesight as I became wiser to everything that was going on. After a couple trips it became quite evident that our value as “atmosphere” was not very high. We were readily replaceable for the most part, and often we were treated with very little respect. The promoters themselves were usually quite kind, but the club owners and clients were womanizers at best, and often spoke down to us, yelled at us, and shuffled us around like props. It didn’t matter how you were feeling, you were expected to keep up with the party schedule and look happy. Being treated that way gets old pretty quick when you’re a person with self respect.

Top 10 Model Mishaps


,By Simi Afroza Mira

When most of us see fashion models, whether in the pages of a glossy magazine, or maybe on a runway, we see a beautiful woman who exudes strength, power, poise, and beauty. We might even see them as calm, cool, and untouchable – not mere mortals; surely not – as we are. However, once in awhile, we get to see that models really are just human beings like the rest of us that make mistakes, mess up, or simply have a ridiculously embarrassing moment. And sometimes, the end result is funny as hell. After scouring the interwebs tirelessly, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Model Moments. Laugh. Go on, you know you want to.

1. Um, Have You Ever Worn High Heels Before?

And also, how are your ankles not broken?

Definite props though; I mean, you wobbled your way to the very end of the runway and back – your momma didn’t raise no quitter.

2. Sometimes It’s So Hard to Get Back Up Again

 This poor model doesn’t even appear to be trying to stand up. It’s as if the inner monologue in her head is saying “I give up guys, I’m done. I GIVE UP ON LIFE.”

Cheer up, Dear One. Things always get better. (Like your runway walk…after you practice it before your next show.)

3. Literally A Pretzel Model
Could I get you with a side of cheese dipping sauce and a Diet Coke?

 4. A Cheeky Fall
Even legendary supermodels like Naomi Campbell are not immune to a runway fall. But unlike many other runway models when falling, she doesn’t even appear to be trying to play it cool or hide the pain on her face. Can’t blame her though; those heels are killer. And also I REALLY HOPE SHE GOT MEDICAL ATTENTION.

 5. Ventriloquist Model
Are you dead? Or just heavily burdened by this bizarre blue paint and ventriloquist theme thing you’ve got going on?